• Guest opinions
  • EPOS facts
  • Immediate insights

Feed It Back is the only system to combine your guests’ feedback with live EPOS information about their visit:
what they bought, their spend, who served them and more.

What we offer

Combining real time EPOS data with fresh opinions from your guests in a short, engaging and personalised survey, gives you actionable insights that lead to improved customer experiences and a better bottom line.

You learn more

You learn more through Feed It Back because the information is directly linked to what just happened. It helps you understand what’s behind the good or bad feedback you receive so you can clearly identify areas that you can improve, across your operation.

Customer opinion

Customer opinion is viral and social media provides a multitude of ways to influence others. We help you to be the first to hear feedback so you can act on it, show how you listen to your customers and put them at the forefront of your business.

Reward your guests

You can reward your guests for completing a survey with reward vouchers. We can track redemptions via your EPOS to prevent fraud, monitor your campaign effectiveness and focus on driving return business and footfall.

  • Guest opinions
  • EPOS facts
  • Immediate insights


Senior executives / board

Identify which products and services need to be improved to increase sales

Compare brands and formats, regions and localities, or any channel you choose

Identify and address key failures that are affecting your business


Instant, specific, contextual feedback in large volume benefits you and guests

Show guests that you value their time by personalising their survey

Identify marketing opportunities and areas for growth, loyalty and change, whilst growing your database


Manage negative opinion with feedback alerts, contact histories and reports

Identify the impact of guest satisfaction on your business

Review relationships between customer satisfaction, NPS and net sales


Recognise the staff who your guests say do a good job

Identify underperforming staff members and training needs

Develop a culture of self-motivation where staff members want to improve


Centrally managed infrastructure with regular off-site backups

A range of delivery mechanisms – web, mobile, native applications

Custom data export methods available (for marketing and reporting)


Identify the best and the worst performing dishes

Ask specific questions when an individual menu item is ordered

Quickly understand how well new menus are being received

Case study


Since Brains deployed Feed It Back in June 2014 across all of its managed sites, results have exceeded expectations.

  • 2,000% Increase in feedback volume.
  • 94% Of reviews completed before the guest leaves.
  • 37% Of guests select a staff member, by their photo, for praise.
  • 8% Of guests upload a photo or ‘selfie’ with their feedback.
  • 6% Of guests subscribe to the venue newsletter.
270 pubs, bars & hotels


Brewed at The Cardiff Brewery, Brains' award-winning beers are now widely available throughout Britain. You can find the Brains name above the door of over 215 pubs, bars and hotels across Wales and the West of England, offering fantastic cask ales and quality food. And if you are looking for somewhere to stay, entertain or celebrate, many Brains pubs now offer bedrooms and function rooms.

120 restaurants fully managed

The challenge

With almost 120 pubs and restaurants fully managed by Brains, maintaining high quality standards and consistency across the estate is a constant challenge.

Brains wants to receive a high volume of feedback from their guests so that they can draw conclusions and efficiently decide which actions to take. Their key objectives are to:

  • Identify operational improvements that make guests happier
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Grow recommendations, awareness and footfall

Our perspective

We take a new approach to understand what actions should be taken by staff at each venue in order to make guests return more frequently and make them more likely to recommend to friends.

Our solution makes it easy, fast and attractive for guests to provide feedback whilst delivering quality and depth of results.

'Being able to
ask guests specific
questions about the menu
items they actually ordered
will mean unprecedented
visibility into the success
of our dishes and new
menus very quickly after
introducing them.' Christine Parker
Catering Development Manager

The solution

Brains' key objective was to achieve an enormous increase in the number of feedback responses provided by guests. This volume enables them to reliably identify the operational improvements that drive profit.

By linking in real-time with each venue's EPOS system, Feed It Back is able to know the details of each guest’s experience and personalise the survey questions on the fly. Feed It Back knows:

  • What food and drinks were ordered
  • Which member of staff looked after the guest
  • Where the table was located
  • How much was spent
  • How busy the venue was at that time
  • And much more
'We value our guests’ time
and by combining their
opinions with EPOS data in real
time, Feed It Back will enable us
to personalise survey questions,
making the experience faster,
more interesting and more
rewarding for guests.'  Bruce Newman Head of Marketing

How guests benefit

Feed It Back tailors the survey for each guest, demonstrating that Brains values its guests' time, whilst making the survey experience fast, engaging and rewarding for their guests.

 'By connecting a guest’s
review to the details of their
transaction from our EPOS
system, Feed It Back will give us
the ability to more clearly identify
the reasons for both positive and
negative opinions, and make
necessary operational changes
quickly and with greater
confidence.' Mark Robinson
Operations Manager

How Brains benefits

By connecting the EPOS transaction and KPI data to each piece of feedback, operational improvements are identified without the need for spreadsheet work and manual manipulation of data. Feed It Back is able to provide immediate and unprecedented operational insights out-of-the box and in real time, such as:

  • Product Watch: Which dishes are receiving good and bad feedback?
  • What are the problems with the dishes that are receiving bad feedback?
  • NPS v Sales: Are increased Net Promoter Scores leading to higher sales?
  • Transaction volume v quality: Is the quality of food or service receiving lower guest scores during busy period?
  • Facilities and flow: Are the tables in certain sections (such as the beer garden) consistently receiving worse service (as scored by guests)?
  • And many more...

Whilst using Feed It Back independently of the EPOS, they have experienced many other benefits, such as:

  • The ability to award individual staff members for delivering excellent customer service
  • Simply identify key areas of opportunities and success and act on these accordingly
  • Determine the key drivers of customer satisfaction

Feed It Back provides guests with single-use vouchers that can be scanned by the EPOS on their return visit and report on revisits and redemptions. Vouchers can vary across different segments of the estate, can be changed instantly and can be defined with an expiry date to drive repeat visits within a period of time.

Brains opted to deploy Feed It Back as a tablet app, and train their staff to hand the tablet to guests at the time of payment. As well as empowering their staff to drive feedback volume, it ensures that when Wi-Fi is interrupted, guests’ feedback experience is not.

 'We have circa 1800 team
members in our venues. Feed It
Back enables us to identify training
needs in other team members and
as we receive so many reviews, we
can be confident in the reliability of the
information and can use it constructively
to support individuals to improve. Most
importantly though, it allows us to
reward and recognise our teams
when they deliver great service' Jon Bridge
Head of HR


Brains deployed Feed It Back in June 2014 and the system runs across all managed sites. Brains are delighted with the results and excited about the future.

  • A 2,000% increase in feedback volume. Trained and supported venues receive around 500 completed surveys per month. This volume enables staff to separate trends and repeat problems from one-off incidents.
  • 94% of reviews are completed before the guest leaves the venue. This immediacy gives staff the option to address a problem before it is shared by word-of-mouth or social media.
  • 37% of guests select a staff member profile photo to single them out for praise. This means staff members offering exceptional service can be identified simply.
  • 8% of guests upload a photo with their feedback. This can be anything from a dish, to a problem with the table, to a selfie!
  • 6% of guests subscribe to the venue newsletter. Considering the volume of feedback, this represents a constant sizeable growth in the marketing database.

Would you like to join Brains as one of the first companies to make feedback easier for your guests and more powerful for you? Contact us or Try it now.

  • 2,000% Increase in feedback volume.
  • 94% Of reviews completed before the guest leaves.
  • 37% Of guests select a staff member, by their photo, for praise.
  • 8% Of guests upload a photo or ‘selfie’ with their feedback.
  • 6% Of guests subscribe to the venue newsletter.
  • Guest opinions
  • EPOS facts
  • Immediate insights

How it works

  1. Step 1

    The guest enters the unique PIN code printed on their receipt

  2. Step 2

    Feed It Back extracts the data for that single transaction from your till system

  3. Step 3 Step 3 Step 3

    The guest is asked to rate their visit. The Feed It Back Question Engine selects the best follow-up questions to ask, based on a set of custom business rules

  4. Step 4

    On completion, the guest is presented with a single-use reward voucher generated from your EPOS system

  5. Step 5 Step 5 Step 5

    The reports system contains aggregated responses across the business – staff mentions, product preferences, league tables and a custom reporting suite

  6. Step 6 Step 6 Step 6

    All authorised staff members can login and view the feedback – ratings, individual questions, transaction details and an audit history

  7. Step 7

    Negative feedback alerts are immediately sent to the venue and area managers for follow-up

  • Guest opinions
  • EPOS facts
  • Immediate insights

All about you

Before we designed our products and services we looked very closely at the sort of people we wanted to work with.

We found that you respect your customers, understand they have a choice and want them to choose your place, frequently. You know that listening to what customers thought of their experience will help you, but you don’t want to take up too much of their time asking. Making feedback easier, quicker and more interesting shows your customers you value them and their opinion. The challenge is how you achieve this and capture enough feedback to properly inform your improvements.

We’ve built Feed It Back to meet the needs you fed back to us. What’s more, we’ve been in your situation and know how important it is to understand your customers without boring them. Before deciding what to ask your customers, Feed It Back does the work, so that your customers don’t have to. Feed It Back is the only solution if you want to hear your customers’ voice whilst respecting their wishes.

Try it now or contact us for an online demo or meeting.

Contact us for an online demo or meeting

Carlo Platia

Founder & Owner

Carlo Platia

Carlo has over 20 years international experience in the technology sector in enterprise software and media technology, working in several key roles including, support, R&D, consultancy, sales, marketing and management.

Prior to establishing Feed It Back (formerly Sendster) in 2008, Carlo created the concept for Maxifier, a brand new online advertising optimization service for large content publishers and advertising networks, and built it into a business.

Carlo has also been a small business owner, setting up and running a bar/restaurant business in 2003, which was successfully sold in 2007.

Kevin Davies

Head of Product

Kevin Davies

Kevin manages application design and development and works with clients to ensure Feed It Back evolves with their changing business needs.

Graduating with a degree in business, Kevin worked in several software design and QA consultancy roles for clients such as Microsoft, National Grid and Atos Origin. As an expert in his field, he trained businesses throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

Prior to joining Feed It Back, Kevin ran his own development house, providing web application design, development and testing services to companies such as Ford, Coca Cola, Sony and Unilever.

Julia Platia

Head of Customer Success

Julia Platia

Julia is experienced in implementing e-Learning solutions into large organisations such as Lloyds TSB and BA. She is adept in managing cultural changes that result from introducing new technologies.

In 2003 Julia took a different direction to open and run a premium cocktail bar. Julia gained valuable experience as an operator.

After selling the business in 2007, Julia took some time to raise a family and since returning to work, Julia’s role is to manage the implementation, training and staff adoption to ensure that Feed It Back customers successfully realise a return on their investment.

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